Spirit Realm Technological Interface

spirit realm technological interface

Clothes Pins. Binary. Chiptunes. Tarot. Ritual Sacrifice.

An exploration of the role that technology plays in modern life. Old rituals are recontextualized.

Taboo the 6th Sense

Debuted November 25th 2012 during Peformance Heart: Mixed Bags curated by Matthew Silver.

Video and Images by Matthew Silver

Another exploration into the role of the audience in performance. After the artist performs a right of penance (and rock n’ roll), the audience is compelled into ritualistically chanting a secret message in binary. After full ecstasy is reached an audience members has there fortune told by a digital tarot card program. Afterward the audience member is blessed, they must sacrifice a hard drive to appease the Spirit Realm Technological Interface.

Bonus Image of Elinor Thompson by Drew Vanderburg

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