Saint Geraldo by Ventiko
photo by Ventiko

Performance Is Alive:
A SLICK AND GRITTY FUNDRAISER UPDATE – INTERVIEW WITH AYANA EVANS AND GERALDO MERCADO (an interview about the fundraiser organized by Ayana Evans and Performance Is Alive to help my family members affected by Hurricane Maria).

Bushwick Daily: NSFW: ‘wwwIII’ Blurred Lines Between the Digital and Physical Worlds. “A plastic tarp was laid out on the floor and a thorny crown was placed subtly on the back of a chair as if Jesus excused himself, but was coming right back.”

Hyperallergic: Dangerous Bodies on the Verge of Breaking Down. Amazing write up by Seph Rodney of my performance “It’s Going To Be Ok” from May 6th 2016 at Gallery Sensei during Performance Anxiety. “Someone you don’t know is present in front of you with more potential to break social codes than the other bodies typically encountered.”

Hyperallergic: New Media Artists Mourn Tekserve, a Tech Oasis in New York”

Washington City Paper: Tim Regan writes about his experience watching all 25 hours of the 25 Hour Performance Art Festival at DCAC. Read his account of Geraldo’s performance “Bubblegum Bubblegum”. “Performer Geraldo Mercado kicks his own ass onstage in “Bubblegum, Bubblegum.” It’s hypnotic, violent, and downright spooky at times.”

Queens Chronicle: Itinerant Festival returns to Queens.

New York Times: “A Bar Born To Be In Pictures” An article spotlighting BIZARRE a performance venue in Bushwhick. Features a photo of Geraldo performing with Courtney Leigh Novak.

Animamus Audio Hour Episode 6: Geraldo and Ventiko chat about body art, glitch art, the role of the Puerto Rican artist, and the upcoming show “Museum Starter Kit” at El Museo del Barrio.

LUMEN 2014 spotlight: Meet some of the artists showing June 28 at Staten Island’s Atlantic Salt

Culturebot: Geraldo Mercado’s media design haunts the binary code of Romantic era tif. images, teasing our attention while posturing as slideshow, personal art collection, and finally, deep space.

Game Art: Geraldo Mercado’s “Space Family Portrait (Number One)”

Time Out New York: A clothes-pegged bandanna passes for swimwear at the Inner Beauty Pageant 2013

The Awl: How New Yorkers Deal With Art in Public (Kids Love It; Rich People, Not So Much). An early interview conducted by Adam R. Burnett. Unfortunately the condensed version of the article that was printed somewhat misrepresented the project and my intentions behind it. You can read the unabridged intro written by Adam on my Kewpie Series Project Page.