The House of Fitzcarraldo

The House of Fitzcarraldo

My first collaboration with Buran: The House of Fitzcarraldo was an unbelievable success. Here are some reviews from it’s run at “The Brick” here in Brooklyn:

Adam R. Burnett and Jud Knudsen as Herzog and Kinski in the pages of Time Out New York. compares Buran to Radiohold, Siti Company, and The Marx Brothers.

It was a Critic’s pick at

and says: “It is a mish-mashed, cartoonish, envelope-pushing, boundary-crossing, unstoppably stimulating circus, guaranteed to keep the attention of the television-addicted, ADD audience of today.”.

Here are some moments from its run at the Brick.

and here are two trailers I made using footage from our run at Tricklock Company’s Revolutions International Theatre Festival in Albuquerque.

I felt incredibly honored and privileged to document the work of such uncompromising artists. As far as my performance during the show, here’s what The Brick had to say:

You Haven’t Heard “Moon River”…

You can buy the text for The House of Fitzcarraldo at Indie Theater Now dot com.

The Cast of the House of Fitzcarraldo

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