House of Fitzcarraldo Trailers!

Here they are, the two debut trailers for The Buran Theatre Company’s House of Fitzcarraldo coming to the Brick in Williamsburg this March!


House of Fitzcarraldo to play at the Brick Theatre in Williamsburg

House of Fitzcarraldo is making its New York debut this March at the Brick Theatre in Williamsburg! I’m hard at work on the video version of our Albuquerque performances, but check back here soon for a trailer for our new batch of performances!

Taller Boricua

The performances I documented for Taller Boricua are now online:

Documentation: Melissa A. Calderon @ Taller Boricua from Geraldo Mercado on Vimeo.

Melissa A. Calderon performing “Nevermine” April 8, 2011 at Taller Boricua.

Documentation: Zachary Fabri @ Taller Boricua from Geraldo Mercado on Vimeo.

An 8 minute snapshot of Zachary Fabri’s 2 hour performance “A Movement in Time” outside of Taller Boricua.

Featured Artist at The Buran Theater Company

I’m the Buran Theater Company’s featured artist this week. See the posting on their Facebook Page.

I’ll be doing three shows of House of Fitzcarraldo with the Buran Theater Company this January in Kansas and New Mexico for the Revolutions Festival. I’ll be their resident Les Blank.

I’ll also be a part of their GET ON THE BOAT event December 5th at Exit Art.

Commodity Fetish

Commodity Fetish from Geraldo Mercado on Vimeo.

Products, in this case toys and collectibles, presented as literal lust objects. The look of this video was achieved by dubbing HD video onto VHS in real time.

My new video piece “Commodity Fetish” is complete. Commodity Fetish is an attempt to visually represent the relationship we have and the over-importance we give to the products we buy. I used a vhs aesthetic in order to incorporate feelings of nostalgia and longing.