TikTok Round Up #1

Here is a collection of all of my TikTok videos so far for everyone who isn’t on the app.

These videos are decidedly NOT what the algorithm or audience on this platform want, and for me thats fine. I’m enjoying experimenting with the vertical video format, and using my older videos as source footage directly inspired my PROMISES series.


Having to create art for algorithms has been such a bizarre side effect of the pandemic, one that I am still getting used to over a year in. As someone who mostly specializes in making live performance art for an audience that is experiencing it in real time, having the internet be the final destination for a work I create just isn’t the same, even on apps like Instagram where most members of our DIY performance community have presence.

Still, as cold and claustrophobic as I find corporate owned digital spaces to be, I’m more than happy to keep inhabiting these spaces until it’s safe to gather together again.