Gallery: 160th Performance + Documentation from Smaller Performance Pieces

In 2017 I did what I believe to be my 160th performance, give or take. I’m not certain of the exact number since many of my early pieces went undocumented. In the moment, its hard to see what will remain a relevant part of your artistic practice and what will be a passing phase. There were also many opportunities to perform then, with at least three dedicated monthly Performance Art Open mics taking place, and I made it my business to attend all of them. This would have been 2012, around the time that many members of the Brooklyn performance art community began laying the groundwork for the Brooklyn International Performance Art Festival (BIPAF) which would take place the following year.

My performance output has slowed down since then, mostly due to a performance related injury that went misdiagnosed for about a year, but it is still the main focus of my practice and will continue to be for a long time.

I’d like to commemorate my 160th performance, as well as the overhaul of my website and relaunch of my blog by posting documentation from smaller performances and collaborations that I feel don’t need dedicated pages in my projects section. Here’s to many more!

caribBEING, 2016, Target First Saturdays, Brooklyn Museum

13892255_10208584816510846_5698029882528486362_nLos Titeres, 2016, #squadgoals, El Museo Del Barrio

Foreign Bodies, Human Resources, 2015 SHPC at ABC NO RIO

Through the Wilderness, 2014 Private Dinner Performance at 1896 Brooklyn

Sea Creatures, 2014 Collaboration with Sherry Aliberti, Photos by Urban Adventures

Experience Pop-Up Shop, 2013 – 2015, Various Locations

The Fool/Love Torn, 2013 – 2015, Various Locations

The Tower, 2014 Bushwick Open Studios

Close To You/Instagram, 2014 eXXosteLLular, JACK

The Geometers, 2013 Collaboration with Derek Brueckner

The Magician, 2013 photos by Violet Oliphant O’Neill

Love Therapy, 2013 It Self Destructs at Midnight, The Silent Barn

Goodbye, Cathode Ray, 2012, IV Soliders